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Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is for people who own a condo apartment. It covers the tenant’s personal space and belongings. This insurance is usually not mandatory, but it’s a good investment. That’s because the general insurance policy that covers the condo does not cover any tenant property. It also doesn’t extend liability coverage to tenants.

If you rent a condo from someone else, then you also might want insurance. The whole point is to protect yourself and your belongings. But generally, insurance for condos is for people who own a condo. In many cases, holding a valid form of insurance is a necessary component of legally owning a condominium.

The details of any policy depend on the insurance company selling the policy. But generally, a condo policy covers the inside of a tenant’s living area. If there is damage that may or may not be the fault of the owner, then there will be a payout. This includes a payout for medical care, if the policyholder has liability.

Just keep in mind that condo insurance is not the same as coverage that a landlord would have. The person, company or condo association will have a policy that covers the building. This will also include other public areas of the condo. It does not include a tenant’s personal belongings. That is condo insurance for tenants.


It’s always beneficial to have insurance that covers your personal belongings. Lots of things can go wrong when you live so close to other people. There could be a fire, theft or vandalism. It’s in your best interest to have coverage that helps you recover.