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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is specifically created for motorcyclists. It covers issues that are specific to motorcycles and vehicles in general. If you own a motorcycle and a car, then you need separate policies for them both. But you might be able to get your policies from the same insurer.

Insurance for motorcycles basically works the same way as insurance for general cars. The motorcyclist pays a premium. When an accident happens, then the policyholder files a claim. If the claim is valid, then the insurance company issues monetary compensation to the policyholder.

Types of Coverage

There are basically two categories when it comes to motorcycle insurance: casual drivers and commercial drivers. Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard. Their premiums are usually on the high end of the payment scale. The coverage may be more comprehensive, mostly because the motorcycle is a source of income for the person who owns it. Then casual drivers have basic coverage, but there is the option to add additional coverage.


Motorcycle insurance reduces out of pocket costs for various expenses. If the motorcycle is damaged, then insurance will help foot the bill. If the driver is in an accident, then insurance will help pay medical costs for others involved. Speak with an insurance agent for more information.