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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV Insurance

The purpose of having an RV is to travel around and see the country. But you want to do it safely, and have RV insurance to cover your investment. You want to make sure you arrive at your destination safe and in one piece. So if you own an RV and haven’t purchased RV insurance, be sure to do so before your next trip.

Recreational vehicle insurance covers your vehicle against much the same things as car insurance. It helps you financially in the event of theft, vandalism or damage due to accidents or storms. The insurance also covers injury to yourself, passengers, and others involved in an accident for which you are responsible. But unlike auto insurance, RV insurance covers things such as the bathrooms or kitchens typically present in a motor home. Insurance also covers the trailer you would use to haul other things attached to your RV. You can also opt for more extensive coverage which will cover your hotel stay in the case that your RV is damaged while traveling.

As with other forms of insurance, this coverage requires you pay a premium. You can do this annually or in one or six month intervals. You can also renew the policy annually or semi-annually.

There are also things to consider when choosing policy. Collision coverage is basic coverage that provides financial support if the RV is damaged. Comprehensive coverage covers just about any situation you can think of. The amount of coverage you are legally required to have varies by state. Usually, liability coverage is the least you’re allowed to have.